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NEW: NCJIS Modernization NCHIP Grant

This D.O.J. funding from the 2021 National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP) grant  is to assist with the NCJIS Modernization. Request for funding applications will be accepted as long as funding is still available.

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Application and Budget

The Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2023 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Subgrant Solicitation is open. For submittal, the signed application, assurances and budget and other required documentation must be emailed to The deadline for Subgrant applications is on or before Friday, September 29, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. The required documents to download are located below.

    The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice of Assistance Grant (JAG) is the primary provider of federal criminal justice funding to the state and units of local government in Nevada. JAG funds are intended to be used as “seed” money for pilot projects and subgrants from the State of Nevada Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Office of Criminal Justice Assistance (OCJA) that is awarded through a competitive process. OCJA serves as the State Administrating Agency (SAA) for Nevada from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs.

    In general, the FY 2023 JAG Program is designed to provide states with additional personnel, equipment, supplies, contractual support, training, technical assistance and information systems for criminal justice. This JAG funding will be used to support criminal justice solutions designed to reduce drug and violent crime for safer Nevada communities. OCJA will provide JAG grant resources to projects with a high probability of improving the performance of the criminal justice system and increase Nevada’s capacity to prevent and reduce violent crime, disruption of drug and gang activity, illegal drug sales and distribution, and human trafficking. Projects funded with the JAG program will enhance the rule of law by strengthening court programs, prosecution, defense, reentry programs, and system improvements for criminal justice with technology across the state.

    Additional Uses of JAG Funds
    JAG funds awarded under this FY 2023 solicitation may also be used to:

    • Support innovative and new technology initiatives that will improve communications, data sharing, training or operations for the criminal justice partners, or improve accuracy and timeliness of state-level crime data.
    • Support the aggressive and innovative investigations, interruptions of gang activity, and stopping those individuals responsible for drug, gang and violent crime.
    • Support multijurisdictional task force programs that integrate Federal, State, and local drug law enforcement agencies and prosecutors for the purpose of enhancing interagency coordination, intelligence, and facilitating multijurisdictional investigations.
    • Programs designed to target the domestic sources of controlled and illegal substances, such as precursor chemicals, diverted pharmaceuticals, clandestine laboratories, and cannabis cultivations and to remove any hazardous substance or pollutant or contaminant associated with the illegal manufacture of amphetamine or methamphetamine.
    • Support reentry projects that provide opportunities for offenders to successfully reintegrate into Nevada communities. Projects will improve the outcomes for incarcerated individuals returning to the community from prison or jail.
    • Purchase fentanyl and methamphetamine detection equipment, including handheld instruments and training for law enforcement safety, as well as opioid reversal agents.
    • Purchase drug-detection canines to combat the rise of drug trafficking, including that of methamphetamines.
    • Support efforts to seal and expunge criminal history information in accordance with state laws and policies.
    • Support virtual reality de-escalation training.
    • Purchase humane remote restraint devices that enable law enforcement to restrain an uncooperative subject without inflicting pain.
    • Purchase gunfire detection technology.

    The JAG statute defines “criminal justice” as “activities pertaining to crime prevention, control, or reduction, or the enforcement of the criminal law, including, but not limited to, police efforts to prevent, control, or reduce crime or to apprehend criminals, activities of courts having criminal jurisdiction, and related agencies (including but not limited to prosecutorial and defender services, and pretrial service or release agencies) activities of corrections, probation, or parole authorities and related agencies assisting in the rehabilitation, supervision, and care of criminal offenders, and programs relating to the prevention, control, or reduction of narcotic addiction.”

    Distribution of Grant Funds
    A minimum of 88.1 percent of Nevada's entire allocation of JAG grant funds is required to be awarded to local programs. This allocation is referred to as the "variable pass-through requirement," and equals the local share of total criminal justice expenditures in the state


      OCJA staff encourages all grant applicants to please visit the website for evidence-based programs. Applicants who plan to adhere to an evidence-based program will receive higher consideration during the grant application review process. Contact any OCJA staff for additional information at (775) 687-1500.

        JAG Application and Budget - FFY2023 JAG Subgrant Solicitation